An Awesome Service – Worth Every Penny

A couple years ago Amazon Prime came out. At first I thought “who will pay that much for 2 day shipping?”At the time my family and I were not using online ordering that much. Still we used the free trial. Then everything changed.

Now we order tons of stuff from Amazon. For goodness sake we order our toilet paper from Amazon. House hold supplies, digital content, electronics, and now our TV.

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Free 2 Day Shipping

2 day shipping is great. If the product is Prime eligible you get free 2 day shipping. This feature is worth the money alone. If your family is like mine you are probably ordering more and more online. The 2 day shipping makes this affordable and doable with a little bit of planning. It also makes online shopping much more feasible for a many different products. Saving 10 dollars to buy online doesn’t make sense if shipping is 10 dollars plus for expedited shipping.

Prime Instant Video

Prime TV is also handy. It is like a cross between Netflix and Vudu. A closer comparison would be iTunes on Apple TV. They have tons of stuff on there. A lot of TV Programs and Movies are Prime Eligible. In other words they are included in your prime membership. Just like Vudu and other services if there is a movie that is not Prime Eligible you can purchase it and it becomes part of your digital library.

For TV Programs you can purchase a season pass. As new episodes come out on cable you usually get access to the episode within 24 to 48 hours. This can take some getting used to, however if you are familiar with Hulu you are already used to this delay.

Prime Photo Storage

With Prime Membership you will also get unlimited photo storage. You can store your thousands of photos and access them in one location. Now I love Google Photos for mobile backup, but this service may be for you. If you aren’t already backing up your Photos some where this may be the answer.

Here is my Google Photos Review.

If you are not backing them up you need to stop right now and go get this set up. Weather on Amazon, Google Photos, iCloud, etc. If you are not backing them up you should consider all of those memories as temporary. You will drop your phone into a puddle at some point. Your kids will wash your phone as a birthday present. Something will happen and they will be gone.

If you are considering Amazon Prime your could knock out two birds with one stone. Get your benefits and back up those memories.

Lightning Deals

Amazon will send its Prime members early access to lightning deals. Which are products that are being offered at a deep discount, but only for a limited time. Hence the term Lightning Deals.

I have found most of the time I am not interested, however every now and then the products I have been wish listing or considering to buy will show up on there. It’s nice to be notified so you wont miss the opportunity or read about the great sale after its too late.


You will also get access to 500000 free ebooks. With that many ebooks there has to be something in there you will enjoy reading. Not having to pay for it is a big plus.


Amazon Echo is not included with Prime but can be purchased separately. Echo is a virtual assistant and can do things like answer questions, control you home automation products, take notes, play music/audio books, and restock previously ordered Prime Eligible products from your shopping history. It’s pretty cool and pretty affordable ($179.99) for everything it can do.


If you haven’t already done so, you should go check out Amazon Prime. I think you will be pleased with the service. Plus Amazon has great customer support.

Amazon Prime