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Apple Music

In my opinion Apple knows what its doing with music. iTunes was a ray of light back in the day when pirating music was rampant and Napster seemed to be the only game in town to reliably find what you were looking for (though I never indulged in such practices). From what I’ve read you wont be getting access to everything. However with what they have you should get a selection comparable to Spotify.

User Interface

The Apple Music UI Looks Decent. It appears to follow the IOS 8 format that you will see on most Apple apps. From their website it looks like it will be easy to navigate. For those coming from Spotify it may take some getting used to, but it looks clean and minimalistic.


Like Spotify, Apple Music is sporting a radio function. With stations like Beats 1 and mixes created by you this is a great feature. While Spotify has “radio” it never feels like you are listening to radio but a machines version of radio. Which is really just a play list. While Apple Music still appears to have this feature as well it seems they have kicked it up a notch. According to the Apple Music website bringing Zane Lowe, Ebro Darden, and Julie Adenuga in as the creative minds behind Beats 1.


Apple Music Connect seems to do just what is says. You can connect to your favorite artists. From backstage photos to being able to comment and like their work on social media. Apple says its more than just a bio. It gives you access to content the artist has shared on Connect as well as view all their work and save it to your library. This is something that I have not seen to this extent on Spotify or other streaming services.


Apple Music is coming with a 3 month preview. This is great, and I think will help fence sitters who may not want to make the jump from another service. After that the account starts at 9.99 per month or 14.99 per month for a family up to 6 users. There is a free version for people with Apple devices and Apple ID, however it only has the radio function and no ability to save music.

This is the part I find exciting about Apple Music over Spotify. The one drawback I have always found with Spotify is there is no way to share your account without headaches. In order for everyone to have their own play lists you have to stop using the save or star feature. Which adds steps to saving tracks you want to listen to later. I was not willing to pay for another account so we lived with the hassle.


Apple Music is coming to Android this fall. I think this is great and I hope it will open them to the idea of bringing more of their services to Android and other Platforms. I have always wished they would make Books, iTunes U, and their Podcasts available on Android and maybe if Apple Music is successful they will. This is all speculation, but Apple Music being available on Android is great news.