fallout shelter

Fallout Shelter – Fun and Addictive with a Little Bit of Strategy

Back to the Wasteland

Fallout Shelter is an IOS game from Bethesda. If you are familiar with the Fallout games then you can guess what this is about. If not it takes place after a nuclear war has taken place and wiped out everything. All civilization is gone as we know it. Humanity for the most part has gone underground surviving in shelters called Vaults.

This is where you come in. You are The Overseer. You are in charge of building your vault, adding rooms, gathering resources, and managing your Vault Dwellers.

fallout shelter vault overview

Vault Overview, Resource Meters at the Top of the Screen.

fallout shelter generating power

Generating Power

Vault Dwellers

Vault Dwellers in Fallout Shelter come from two sources. People coming in from the Wasteland and babies born inside the Vault. Initially many dwellers come from the Wasteland. This shortly tapers off. Once this happens you have to get your Vault Dwellers to make more Vault Dwellers.

You accomplish by placing a male and a female Vault Dweller in one of your living quarters which you built earlier. If everything goes right, and the Dwellers you have selected are not related, you will get a Pregnant Dweller. After a few hours you end up with a baby which you can rename if you don’t care for the one randomly selected.


The Vault requires resources to run. Water, Food, and Power. The game tells you up front that Power is the most important resource. Without it your Water Treatment and Dinners will shut down. This can cause rolling shortages and that is what you want to avoid. Shortages in Water and Food will cause your Dwellers to become unhappy and then it will start to affect their health. Eventually you end up with a vault full of dead Dwellers. Which can be revived for Caps (the in-game currency). If you don’t have the caps then you will have to remove the dead Dweller. If you do not the Dwellers will become unhappy quickly. After all dead bodies tend to kill the mood.

Disasters and Incidents

Through out the game things will go wrong. Disasters occur in the form of Fires, RadRoach infestations, and Raider Attacks. These are all bad, but early on in the game they are relatively easy to deal with. They get progressively more difficult. Raiders Steal your resources and RadRoaches tend to make your Dwellers sick.

fallout shelter radroach infestation

Radroach Infestation Affecting the Dwellers Health

Disasters occur after you Rush production on one of your resource rooms and the Rush fails. While this is a sure-fire way to cause a disaster some will occur without warning and sometimes at the worst possible time. Like when you are already low on resources.

Unlocking Rooms

As you acquire more Dwellers you will unlock more rooms. Storage rooms for storing more resources, a radio room for calling in more Dwellers from the Wasteland, and various rooms that increase your Dwellers attributes; strength, charisma, luck, etc. The catch I have found is that these added rooms require power and Dwellers to run them. It is easy to get ahead of yourself. Just because you have the Caps doesn’t mean you can afford it.

Earning Caps

You earn Caps by opening Lunch Boxes, Exploring the Wasteland, Leveling Up Dwellers, Collecting Resources, and Rushing Rooms. Caps are what you use to purchase new rooms, level up existing rooms, remove rocks, and revive dead Dwellers. Once a day your Vault will be graded based on the happiness and success of your Vault. The reward for a good grade is Caps.


Objectives are goals set to for you to accomplish. Collect 50 water, deliver 4 babies, send one Dweller to explore the Wasteland, etc. The rewards for accomplishing objectives are Caps and Lunch Boxes. Lunch Boxes are full of cards which contain Caps, Outfits, Weapons, and Special Dwellers. The objectives are easy at first but get progressively harder, but usually pay more in Caps.

fallout shelter exploring the wasteland

Off to explore the Wasteland

All together it is a fun game. It can be frustrating. Disasters can overwhelm you and the Vault can become a wreck. Don’t fret! You have 3 slots for Vaults and if one becomes hopeless just delete it. Fallout Shelter is addictive but a lot of fun.

vault slots

3 Slots for Vaults