IFTTT – Simple Automation for Everyone

IF This Then That

I love IFTTT. I have since the beginning when this weird little app popped up as a suggestion in the App Store. With a title like IFTTT I ignored it for a while. Finally curiosity got the best of me. I opened it up, read the description, and never looked back.

IFTTT or IF is like a simple, easy to use, scripting application minus the scripting and Boolean logic. You can automate so many different applications and actions it is awesome. Nothing sucks more than entering data twice because two apps wont play nice. IFTTT can usually fix this.

After installation and account creation I would start with the recipe lists. Once inside you are plunged into a world of things you wanted to automate that you never thought you needed to.


It’s best to start with Browse Recipes. From there you can find a list of Recipes people have already created, and come up with some ideas of your own. You can automate almost anything and it integrates with many apps and devices.

Some of the featured Recipes:

IFTTT Recipe: Schedule daily or weekly recurring Trello cards connects date-time to trello

IFTTT Recipe: Receive an email if there will be rain in your area tomorrow connects weather to email

IFTTT Recipe: Set my Android's wallpaper to the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day connects space to android-device

IFTTT Recipe: Add your 'Watch Later’ videos to Pocket connects youtube to pocket

IFTTT Recipe: Add your Fitbit daily activity summaries to a Google spreadsheet connects fitbit to google-drive

There are thousands more and even those can be customized. There are Recipes to automate your home, car, email, location based services, it goes on and on.

If you need to automate any part of your digital life I would highly recommend checking out IFTTT. It can save you so much time, and help streamline so many processes in your life. Many of them you didn’t even realize could be streamlined.