Which Service to Choose

In the world of mobile photo back up it can be confusing. Which one do you go with. It feels like a commitment either way. All your pictures will be in one place and moving them in the future seems daunting.

Everyone seems to have one; OneDrive, Google Plus, Flickr, PhotoBucket, iCloud, Dropbox, and many more. I have tried most of them except for PhotoBucket (I just didn’t see the need). While they all do the job and get your photos backed up, Google Photos has become my new favorite.

Beyond Backup

Not only will Google Photos backup the original photo, the Assistant will create Stories, Movies, and enhance your pictures while leaving the original. This is a lot like the old photo backup you got with Google+ but with out the whole social aspect. Google+ was fine but I just couldn’t get into it. So it sat there with no purpose on my phone aside from its backup abilities.

Google split off the photo backup portion from the social side of Google+. Producing a standalone app and it’s great.

The Assistant (formerly Auto Awesome) does all kinds of great things for an amateur mobile photographer (very amateur) like myself. It will create movies, put frames on photos, adjust colors, all kinds of stuff. It’s pretty cool.


Google gives you 15 Gigabytes of storage with your account. Additional storage is very affordable. Original size pictures will count against your storage. If High Quality size photos will not count toward your limit, but may be smaller than the original.

Platforms and Devices

Google Photos is available on iPhone, Android, and though a web browser. So you wont be stuck on one device. Which is handy for people with multiple devices and multiple platforms.

If you are on the fence deciding which photo back up to go with, you should download Google Photos. I think you will be satisfied with both its clean form and reliable function.