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The Electronic Baby Sitter

As a parent I think the greatest advancement man kind has made is the tablet. Now that may be BS, but when you need something for your kids to do so Mom and Dad can have some alone time, there is no greater tool to get this done.

Nabi vs Kindle

I have given many tablets to my kids. We started with the Nabi 2. This is was a good little tablet, but it had some weaknesses, which I will talk about later. We finally landed on the Kindle Fire HD.

Fire HD 7, 7″ HD Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB – Includes Special Offers, Black

Kindle Fire HD Issues and Benefits

While the Kindle doesn’t come with the rubber bumper it is a pretty tough little device. Ours have been dropped, spilled on, kicked across the floor. It keeps on ticking. The one drawback I have found is the 4 Gigabyte model just doesn’t hold enough. An SD card would really help, but it doesn’t have one.

It does have a micro USB charger. Which is great because finding a replacement cable is cheap and easy. It also has a kids mode. Getting this set up initially is kind of pain when you have to set up 4 of them on Christmas Eve, but once they are configured you are good to go. A recent update has improved accessing multiple user accounts from the lock screen, and you can lock out the parent account with a four digit lock code.

The Charger

This has its own section because as I mentioned before we started with Nabi’s. Nabi went with a more standard power supply cable. Small and round with a center pin. This is great, but when a child inevitably jams the headphone connector into the charging port on a long car ride your charging days are done. Also bending the end on the charger cable is surprisingly easy.

Because Amazon went with the micro USB it is easy to find the port in the dark. It is also impossible to mistake it for a headphone jack. Like I said earlier it’s easy to find a replacement cable.


The Kindle Fire HD is a solid device. I mentioned the abuse ours have been through earlier. They take a fall well. One of the screens on ours has cracked but it keeps on going.

Customer service

We had one of them stop working. Now being familiar with Rooting Android and messing around with Android from time to time I thought, “Oh I’ll just reload the ROM.” This was not possible without a lot of time to invest.

Instead we called Amazon. It was a good decision. They walked my wife and I through some trouble shooting steps, and when it was determined it could not be fixed over the phone, they sent us a new one (because it has a one year warranty). When the Kindle came in we just shipped the other one back. It was really painless.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a very affordable tablet for your children I would highly recommend the Kindle Fire HD. The Nabi’s are good but seem to have a few flaws which in the hands of children will become quickly apparent.