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Nest Cam

Nest Cam, Formerly Drop Cam

I have been excited about the Nest products since the Nest Thermostat showed up on the scene a few years ago. They are bringing everyday products to the next level and using the “internet of things” to do so.

Nest Cam looks to be a smart little wireless camera that can integrate with all sorts of smart products to keep your home and family safe.

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How Can Nest Cam Help You?

At my house we have an issue with kids thinking because Dad is away it’s now time for a snack. I then learn of the breach when my wife or I go to make a meal only to find that the product needed has been devoured behind our back with the empty container left for us to dispose of. Of course no one in the house has any idea what we are talking about, and I can’t prove who did it. Maybe the dog has learned how to open a jar. In either case a drop cam in the kitchen would solve this issue. It would eliminate the finger-pointing and let us have some long talks about honesty, and possibly some early bed times.

If you are away and this were to happen the Nest Cam could alert you that someone was in the cupboards and then through the 2-way audio feature you could remotely scold the offending party.

We also have a dog who thinks the couch is hers. With the audio feature I could actually tell the dog to get off the couch and then praise the dog for obeying.

If someone were to get in your house you could “politely” remind them this is not their house, they are being recorded, and should probably just wait for the police on the front steps so there is no need for them to be thrown to the ground and arrested at gun point.

There are so many applications for this device it is amazing.

Function and Features

Nest Cam is wireless. It does have to be powered through the included USB cable and wall adapter, however the cord appears to be small and could be easily hidden. I am sure you could buy USB extenders if you needed a longer cord, but the Nest website doesn’t mention this.

Nest Cam can record in 720p or 1080p depending on what resolution you need and bandwidth availability. Nest Cam boasts of exceptional night vision however it does not appear to have an IR cut filter nor does it have an IR emitter.

The Nest Cam can learn your patterns and set alerts when an event occurs.

2-way audio is a cool feature, and for my purposes adds a lot of value. It would be nice to not just see something happening, but to actually be able to comment on what is happening. Or to simply bark orders.

Nest Cam can be controlled through your phone or tablet. It can be mounted on all kinds of surfaces. If your mounting option isn’t available out of the box has all kinds of accessories and third-party mounting options.

I would be careful with this though. I doubt you will be able to make a warranty claim on a camera that has been water damaged because your third-party outdoor dome leaked.

Nest Aware gives you face recognition, depth sensing, and other algorithms to eliminate false alarms. There are different plans for recording that give you 10 days of video ($100 per year) or 30 days of video ($300 per year).


With the Nest Thermostat or Nest Protect you can set triggers and integrate with Big Ass Fans, Philips Hue, Door locks, Security Systems, IFTTT to create your own actions, and many others.

For instance if your Nest Protect detects smoke the Nest Cam can record a video clip to show you what happened as well as be alerted that there has been smoke detected in the home.


Cases to allow outdoor installation, Goose Necks, Suction Cup Mounts, Outdoor Dome Enclosures. Amazon is full of options and accessories. Here is one option for a weather proof housing.

So What Now

Go buy one. You can waste your time shopping around. If you are a home security Guru you know there are many other options. However if cost and function without expensive integration and infrastructure are an issue, or you want a camera in the home without having to pay thousands of dollars. I would buy a Nest Cam. It’s a low commitment device and is packed with features.