Spotify – My music streaming standby

Let me first say I use . I have for years. I have the Spotify Premium account and originally purchased it for its “off-line” listening feature. It has been great. It always seems to have everything I need and it gets the job done.

I was originally attracted to it because I don’t care to pay for music a song at a time. I don’t believe that is an affordable option. I could get approximately 8 songs a month for what I pay for my subscription from iTunes. For the same price I get thousands.

Mobile App

The Spotify mobile app is great. It does what I need it to do. It works well on both iPhone and Android. In the last year they have updated and refreshed the UI on mobileĀ to make it look even cleaner.

Social Aspects

With Spotify you can see what your friends are listening to. They can see what you are listening to as well. Be sure to turn on the privacy mode if you don’t want your friends and followers to know all of your guilty pleasures.

Music Quality

I am no audiophile, however I have never noticed the quality issues that certain music streaming services have come out against Spotify with. I can’t tell if music as compressed or not. Maybe I’m missing something? I just know they have a ton of artists, they are affordable, and it sounds great.

Desktop App

The Spotify desktop app has been shaky in the past. They seem to have cleaned it up recently though and appear to have squashed the bugs all around. If no more bugs appear then this isn’t really an issue. Just something I felt like mentioning if you happen to be using an older version. Though I don’t know why you would.


The new Spotify UI and Phablets. The new version has the menu in the upper right. This is fine for lefty’s and with two hand operation. Driving is one of my biggest complaints. If I want to quickly (because no one should ever use their phone while driving) change to a different play list it is a chore. Albeit a small one but a chore. None the less to reach all the way up to the upper left hand corner is a stretch. iPhone helps with this if you use the one-handed mode (double tap on the home key) but I usually remember that feature after my thumb has left the menu button. There is a swipe right feature, but again I remember it after it’s too late.

The New Color

I don’t hate it. Plenty of others do. Some people are threatening to delete the Spotify app over it. It’s a bluer green almost neon. I don’t under stand why it seems only mobile has changed. Spotify for desktop and online is still the same old green. I feel if it wasn’t broke why fix it.

Here Comes the Wife!!

With Spotify sharing your account is doable. You can only listen in one location at a time so you are not pulling a fast one. This act while it seems like a good idea can turn your saved music world upside down. The save feature which is a + sign that adds music to the saved play list can bring chaos to order when you are not the only one pushing the button. Is your wife, girlfriend, husband, etc…. a fan of Irish folk music. Guess what, you are too now. A dozen or so saves of random albums buries your music in a catalog of songs you have no desire to ever listen to. Wading through the mess is annoying and time-consuming.

You can work around this by setting up play lists, but then you lose the + save feature and convenience. For sharing it is not the best.

All around it is a great service. The one downfall and the reason I am excited to give Apple Music a try is sharing the account. Apple Music is going to have a Family Subscription that allows up to six family members to use the service. Perhaps Spotify will follow suit but only time will tell.