iphone 5s

My Old Friend

An Ode to the iPhone 5s

Let’s face it, iPhone 6 is faster, sleeker, and the bigger screen is great! Then why is it when I look at my iPhone 5s just sitting in storage I feel sad and long for the days when it was my faithful companion?

I think the answer is in all of the things I love about my iPhone 6. The screen is larger but that means that using is more of a commitment. The keyboard is wider and therefore it’s more of a reach to type or access menus which are predominantly in the upper left corner. One handed mode helps, if you remember to use it.

Next would be the overall roundness of the iPhone 6. The iPhone 5s had square edges with a small bevel. To me the fact that the iPhone 5s was heavy for its size and had those corners gave an over all feeling of quality. I’m not saying the iPhone 6 is flimsy. I just loved the weight and the flat sides of the iPhone 5s. It felt solid in my hand.

Now setting the aesthetics of the iPhone 5s aside, the little machine was a beast. It’s tiny compared to most androids of its time. But it just couldn’t be taken down. No lag, no issues with your apps opening up, no weird jitters. It just did what it was supposed to do and didn’t complain.

“The technology in the iPhone 5s would cost more than 3 million dollars in 1991.”
[source: http://www.techpolicydaily.com/communications/much-iphone-cost-1991/]


I loved that little Dynamo. I still do. I miss it and I wish there was something I could put it to work doing. It just seems like a waste to have it stored away as backup while I use its big brother the iPhone 6 as my day-to-day device.

iphone 5s

If you don’t have to money for the iPhone 6 I would highly recommend the iPhone 5s. You might miss the bigger screen of some other phones out there, but you will never feel like you cheaped out. It is a great phone and even better now that they are almost giving them away.

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