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Cow stuck in a tree.


Build Worlds


My kids love this game. I loved how it made them quiet for hours at a time. I soon learned to love the game and the way it gave us a new type of family time.

Minecraft PE is the mobile version of Minecraft for IOS and Android. It is a fun game for kids and adults.

Your Imagination is the Limit

At first when I played this game I didn’t get it. Where’s the action? I soon figured out you have to create the action.

It’s a building game with two modes. Survival is the mode where you have to mine and build from scratch. There are zombies, skeletons (that shoot arrows), giant spiders, and Creepers. These “Mobs” come out at night so you have to get somewhere to hide or something to fight with by sunset.

Creative mode is a lot more easy going. You have all the blocks and supplies you would have to mine for, harvest, and locate right from the beginning. You can build anything. Anything you can imagine and more. A search online will reveal creations you would never have imagined.


Recommend video game for kids by experts!

I found it interesting that educators and experts recommend that children play this game. Here are some articles I found about how good the game is for growing minds.

It engages their imagination and problem solving is required to play the game.


Parents Will Love It too!

I have a great time playing with the kids. An iCloud family account really helps with the cost of the game which is $6.99. However you can install on multiple devices with the iCloud family settings or if you have all of the kids tablets all on the same account so you can install the game on multiple devices.

You can play as a family and work together to build cool stuff. You can also join your kid’s worlds and see what they have made. They can have their own little show and tell where they can show you “hey I made a house,” or “Hey I made a city!”

Their creativity and personality really shine through. I like to see what they have made and how each one is different. One of my kids loves to make “power plants.” Mine carts full of animals that go all over his world by themselves. Another kid makes huge sculptures. Another likes to build huge houses surrounded by lava. That kid may have some security issues? Either way they all have fun and I can have fun with them in a way that is actually a lot of fun.


Products and Clubs

You can get as into Minecraft as you want. There is MineCon which is a 2 day convention for Minecraft fans. They have books, toys, magazines, even Legos.

Minecraft is a great game for kids, adults, and the whole family. Do you have a Minecraft enthusiast in your life. See my Nerdy Things Store for Minecraft Games and Toys.

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