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What is Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness is a great online community for Nerds who want to get in shape or lose weight and don’t know where or how to start. In addition to just fitness there is also life coaching advice or anything else you need to help with in order to get your life in order.


Why it’s Helpful

We all need help. Weather your getting old and don’t have the skills to get your life together. Or you are young unhealthy and getting healthy seems daunting they are there for you. You can get help on doing the perfect push-up to how to not dress like a hobo.

Nerd Fitness is full of people who have been where you are and can help you get out of your rut.

The Community

The community is made up of Nerds. Weather you are a professional nerd or a novice you can find nerds who can help you find some direction or just give you advice for where to go next.

One daunting part of deciding to turn your life around is finding how to make the first step, and which steps are the first steps. I can decide tomorrow that I will be someone different. I could be successful for a day, heck even a week. However soon enough the real you comes out and your are right back where you started.

Or you go off and get charged up for something you think will help you, only to find out that the end result is not what you thought it would be. The community will help you get started and decide which path is right for you.


Why You Should Use It

If you need to make a change in your life. Health, weight loss, fitness, or just getting your life in order. This is a great site and community. It’s loaded with awesome resources and articles. The community is super supportive.

I know when I started working out I didn’t now how to get started, how to eat right, how to do sit-ups, nothing. They really helped me and I would recommend Nerd Fitness to any Nerd who has goals beyond sitting on the couch and occupying more space.