Minecraft with Hololens

Minecraft with Hololens

What is the Hololens?

Microsoft’s Hololens is a headset that lets you see holograms. Really you could see anything anywhere so to say it puts a screen here, or an object there is an understatement. You can both watch a movie on a screen that isn’t really there and build a 3D Model of your next house.

I might be off base but I see this as the next step in our modern digital world. We keep buying screens and hardware to interact with our new cloud based society. These things will get rid of all that. No screen, no phone, just lenses that let me see what I want anywhere.

Why it’s Cool

Imagine you and your family are playing Minecraft. Instead of everyone looking at a screen and using an arrow pad to build, you all see the world you’re playing in. You all are inside the projects and fighting the Mobs together. Not just looking through a window into your shared virtual world.

Movie night can become way more immersive. You not only see the show you really could be in the show.

The advantage I see over just a VR headset is the real world can meet the virtual. Home school-ers  could be in a virtual classroom. Remote work environments could become much more commonplace because I can be much more than an iPad on a stick. It would be like I am actually there.


Hololens Side View

Hololens Side View


Release Date

I am really excited about this technology and cant wait to see what they do with it. It is supposed to be released to developers soon. So who knows what will happen when all of those creative people get their hands on this.

There is no release date that I could find. If you go to this website you can sign up for notifications and news. They even have information for Demo opportunities.

Now I have been hurt before. Google Glass was supposed to change everything, but is no longer a thing. My hope is that because this is not for people to wear while walking around it will catch on and there will be healthy competition and development.

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Experiance Holograms here on the Microsoft Website.