Geocaching is a super fun/super nerdy activity to do by yourself or with the whole family. Their website calls Geocaching “The world’s largest treasure hunt.”

I stumbled upon Geocaching accidentally. The kids and I went for a hike. Once we got out to the large recreational area about 20 miles north of town we decided to not just stick to the dry creek bed but to climb a large nearby hill. It was a questionable decision considering I had a 3 year old with me.

Once a the top my son noticed something tucked between the rocks. What they found was a box full of treasure. There were toys, compasses, playing cards, a pocket knife it was awesome. Along with the stuff were some instructions, a log book, and an explanation of what we had just found.

The forms inside said we could take whatever we wanted, but needed to leave an item to replace the one we had taken. We also needed to fill out the log book and go to to  fill out an online form to say we had been there and what we had found.

We took a small compass and left a camping pocket knife I had received as a gift just before our trip. We filled out the information and it took some pictures. The experience was great. It was like finding treasure and I know I will never forget it.



Upon more investigation I found that our town and surrounding area is full of Geocaches. They are everywhere. If you want something fun to do with or without the kids I would recommend you checkout It’s a lot of fun and you will end up going on little adventures you wouldn’t normally go on.

Check out this site to learn the rules and how to play. The game is a lot of fun for not a lot of money. It’s also a great way to make life long memories.