My Digital Catch All


Evernote is a helpful catch all program I use every day. Evernote lets you keep your notes, emails, articles, business cards, or contact info in one location. Accessible from mobile, desktop, or online you can always get to what you need.

Why its better

I have used several of the usual note taking programs. OneNote, Evernote, iCloud Notes App. All of them work and have their advantages, but Evernote has the edge in my opinion. Scanning a business card using your phones camera and having the information put in a searchable document.

Search is great too. You can search using tags, or keywords and Evernote will find it in your documents and pictures.

They have not only the usual helpful features of taking notes and adding pictures, but they also have a ton of other apps that integrate with Evernote.

Integrated Apps




Is great for marking up photos, maps, and notes. I use it all the time for mobile but the desktop version is the most useful. You can take screen shots and mark them up. This is awesome for communication with co workers or employees.




Is the best app to turn your phone into a scanner I have found. Scannable automatically looks for the page you are scanning and takes the picture when the angle, lighting, and focus are ideal. Once the picture is taken the app enhances it and lets you crop the document.

Once you have your document ready you can share it to Evernote, email, and all the usual save locations.

For a full list of apps that integrate with Evernote go here! 

Evernote will also integrate with IFTTT. So that’s nice and allows you to work some automation to your data collection.

Some Handy Tips

One feature I love is the business card scanner. You can scan a business card and Evernote will pull the information right out of the card and make it all searchable and easy to read. You don’t have to worry about losing those business cards or you can give it right back to the person for future use. I’m sure they will appreciate that.

Making lists is super easy as well. You just click the numbered list button or the list check off radio button. Where ever you were typing will now be the beginning of a list. Once your done just click the button again. It’s that easy.

Using Evernote for a journal is also easy and makes finding your entries in the future a snap. You can input pictures, audio, screen shots, maps, etc. You can remember your day any way you like.

Go Sign Up

There are thousands of uses for Evernote. I use it nearly every day. It works so well for so many things that when I leave to go try something else I keep coming back. Plus it syncs across all my devices.

So sign up now. It’s free for the basic account and they give your a few uses of their paid features so you dont have to commit just to try out a feature.