What is Todoist

Todoist is a list making app that is available on IOS, Android, Chrome, on pretty much any device. See the whole list here. Todoist lets you create lists in groups called Projects and allows you to Tag them. You can also set priority levels.

How to Start

To get started with Todoist just head over to their site and sign up. The main page gives you a nice overview of a lot of their features. Some of the more advanced features require a premium subscription. The free subscription is pretty robust to get started with.

todoist sign up

Why It’s Better

I like Todoist better than other services I have tried. I have used Any.Do, Evernote, iCloud To Do List, Wunderlist, and OneNote. They are all good programs. I still use most of them for note taking, or just making little reminders from time-to-time. Day-to-day though I have converted almost exclusively to Todoist for daily tasks.

Now I use the premium version. I would recommend it to anyone with a lot on their plate. Being able to set reminders, organize with Labels, and set Priority levels helps me keep my head screwed on straight when I bite off more than I can chew. If you have to dump a task (in a hurry) it’s good to know, without a lot of research, what you can lose, because you already have them prioritized.

Organization outside of the notebook format is also handy. Using the Labels you can see related notes that may not be in the same Project. This helps when you have lost something after you started working and forgot that you input something in a place and it doesn’t make sense later. Labels help me to not be too smart for my own good.

Another nice feature is the gestures. I like being able to either swipe left, right, or open a menu for more precise control. Swiping right marks the task as completed, swiping left lets you reschedule, or taping the task description will open a menu so you can edit the task.

todoist taskcompleted tasktodoist reschedule


Todoist will integrate with several other programs. I use IFTTT or IF to accomplish other integrations that they don’t officially support like Slack.

Here is the list of Apps that integrate with Todoist that I found on their Help Center:

  • Google Drive & Dropbox

  • Google Maps & Apple Maps
  • Calendar Sync
  • Google Now

Click Here for the complete list. There are many more. Like I said earlier if they don’t have what you need IFTTT can usually fill in any gaps you might find.

Where to Find It

So if you’re sold on this great App that helps you tame life’s many tasks then head on over to Sign up and give it a try.

I didn’t talk about it before but they also have a great Help Center. I have found all kinds of answers, and ideas to help get the most out of Todoist, and the Apps that integrate with it.