angry birds 2

New Take On A Soon-To-Be Classic

I played Angry Birds back in the day. When it first came out it was awesome. You might remember those days. It was a fun game that didn’t ask a lot. It did however make you want to pull your hair out from time to time.

I quickly lost interest. It was fun, but you can only knock things over with birds so many ways before its boring. I didn’t bother with the other games Rovio came out with. Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds in Space, Etc. My kids loved them. I just couldn’t get into it.

So I don’t know what made me try Angry Birds 2. From what I’ve seen it’s pretty fun. It’s the same premise. Hit things with disgruntled fowl. They all have little powers. The red one can knock things over with some kind of red burst. The Yellow one still shoots through wood. It’s all the same but different enough to keep you interested.

Angry Birds 2 Map

New Additions to the Game

The explosions are more 3D. The pigs and parts occasionally fly at the screen. There are new Birds with new abilities. You can fight other players with the new Arena Area. All of this seems like it will help the game to stay enjoyable for longer.

They also have “spells” now. You can make all the blocks ice or make it rain rubber ducks. You quickly run out of spells though, and have to buy more with Gems. So that is how they get you. You start having fun and then you start buying little upgrades.

angry birds 2 spells

If your familiar with Clash of Clans you know this can really add up. This isn’t a problem if you love the game and you get what you pay for. If you want a better game playing experience you have to pay for it some how. It just always leaves me with a sense of buyers remorse. Buying Gems or Tokens seems like a good deal. Then you realize later you bought nothing with real money. It was fun for 5 seconds and now it’s gone.

How Long Will The Magic Last?

So Angry Birds 2. My initial impression is it’s a fun game. Probably enjoyed most by tweens. You can blow money on it so watch out for that. I would expect it to go the way of the first one. It will be fun for about 2 weeks and then lose its flavor.

Let me know below if you have any thoughts, know how to get more out of games like this, or if you have any horror stories from In App Purchases.