How it Started

Last year my son became obsessed with epoxy resin encased insects and other creatures. We ordered him all the kits we could find on Amazon (within reason) for Christmas. Beatles, spiders, insects, anything we could find that wasn’t ridiculously priced. Some were rare and expensive. With this we also bought him a kit to make his own. Amazon has all kinds of molds, resin, hardener, and releasing chemicals. You can get as elaborate as you want.

easy cast resin

This is the kit we bought

We bought this Easy Cast kit, a few molds, some tweezers for positioning, and a spray chemical that helps the resin release from the mold. It really doesn’t cost much to get into. You can get a lot more into it if you want, but to just play around a little bit isn’t very expensive.

Our First Attempt

Our first try was pretty bad. My son found a big spider. We soaked it in rubbing alcohol while we mixed our epoxy resin. I started by filling up the mold half way. Then we put the spider in there and immediately poured the rest on top. We positioned the legs with tweezers we bought him in a kit and let it set up. This did not work very well. The spider had curled back up and our efforts to make the legs look right had created a ton of bubbles.

our first encasing project

Covered in Bubbles and the Legs were all curled up.

If you zoom in you can see this thing looks terrible. The resin is not set up all the way either. I didn’t mix it long enough or had the ratios off. It always stayed rubbery and not hard like it was supposed to.

Time to Research

We had to do some research to fix this. Luckily the internet was there to help us out. These really helped.

If you search Epoxy Resin, Resin Encased Insects, How to Encase With Resin you will get a lot of great articles and videos. There are tons of projects out there and a lot of different techniques.

See the techniques we used to improve our later attempts at encasing in Part 2.