Roku 3 Review (Better late than never)

We are cable cutters. We chose to lose the cable company officially a year ago. It was a smooth transition. We already had Hulu and Netflix. The only thing we really missed was Football.

Want to cut the cable yourself?

We had been using a PlayStation 3 for streaming. At first it was nice. The PS3 was fast and loaded everything quickly.

Recently the old PS3 started acting funny. Freezing, forcing us to resign into Hulu every time it loaded, more freezing!!!

Why Not Apple TV?

A few months ago we tried Apple TV. It was nice but the remote was tiny and it was lacking some features that showed its age. It worked well but some of the things it lacked were just too much to get over.

The difference between Apple TV and Roku 3 is the Apps. Roku has everything you could imagine except for Apple Video, TV, and music. With Apple TV we were missing VUDU. This was kind of a big deal since we had so many movies on there.

So we bought the Roku 3 and so far it has been awesome.

roku 3 box

First Impressions

The biggest difference between the Roku 3 and the PS3 has been the loading speed. It doesn’t lag, it loads quick, It doesn’t make me log into Hulu every time it loads, and just better over all performance.

all Roku 3 Features.

The Roku 3 also has the voice search. Which is handy when you don’t want to type. It also has a remote for your smartphones so you aren’t totally screwed when a child misplaces the remote.

What Roku 3 Lacks

The one thing I wish Roku had was a universal remove to control the TV/surround sound. The solution I am looking into is the Harmony Remote. If you use the Harmony Remote you will have to have line of site with the Roku.

Go Buy One!!

So in summation, I love the Roku 3. Rumor is the Roku 4 is coming out. I will probably buy that one when it come out (So I can get a review on that sooner than two and a half years after it’s released). I would recommend you do the same. Its a great streaming box and is really affordable.

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