Ayers Natural Bridge

As one of the only natural bridges in the world Ayers Natural Bridge is really neat to see. The river cuts right through a huge rock in the center of the park. You can walk across the bridge or wade in the river underneath it.

Getting There

Driving to the bridge is an experience itself. Starting from Douglas Wyoming, drive about 15 miles west on the interstate. Take the Ayers Natural Bridge exit. Then dive like what feels like forever. Really it is only about 10 miles at most. The road quickly gets narrow and there are all kinds of cool old buildings to look at.
After what seems like “Surely I have missed the turn” you drop down into the bridge area. The road gets incredibly narrow and full of twists and turns. Then around the last turn there it is! It’s totally hidden.

Satellite view from Google Maps

Satellite view from Google Maps

First Impression

The only way I can describe the area would be a beautiful, isolated, and out-of-place. It looks nothing like the surrounding area. There is a river and the area is made out of some type of red sandstone that surrounds the area with high cliff walls. The river has cut through a large rock in the center of the park creating the natural bridge.
River and Red Cliff Walls
There are several picnic areas with plenty of tables and nice shelters to keep the sun and rain off. The whole place is well maintained and the whole atmosphere is pleasant. The park has several bathrooms which come in handy. Especially when traveling with children.

The sound of the river and the breeze through the trees is peaceful. The kids really enjoyed the little playground area. They also enjoyed finding caterpillars. There were tons of Wooly Bear caterpillars. They were all over and our kids seemed to find them everywhere they went.

wooly bear caterpillar

Added Bonus – Friendly Wildlife

In our first trip there were several deer in the park. That really isn’t anything special here in Wyoming, but these deer would come right up to the picnic tables and hang out with people. This time I didn’t see them. I don’t know if they just moved on or if they had to be moved away since wildlife that isn’t afraid of people can sometimes create issues.

About the only issue we had was the wasps. No one got stung. However there were a lot of wasps and hornets. I will bring bug spray next time. It didn’t help that we brought brightly colored blankets to cover the picnic tables. They seemed to be really drawn to the hot pink and yellow.

So if your going to be in the Casper/Douglas Wyoming area I would highly recommend a trip to Ayers Natural bridge. It really is an amazing place. Here is the Wyoming Tourism page for Ayers Natural Bridge with directions and details.