What Started this Mess and What the Heck am I thinking?

I have been listening to Tim Ferris’s Pod Cast a lot lately. I was listening to Tim’s interview with Seth Godin. I have no idea who Seth Godin is. However, he seems to have some good ideas. I like how he was not as concerned about money as he was with doing good and being able to live with himself. He called money “just numbers”, and ultimately making more of it takes over your life and you will obsess with making more and more of it. In addition more money doesn’t necessarily mean greater impact on society.

Now that was a bastardization of what he said, but i have the podcast linked below and I would suggest going below and listening yourself. He has an interesting take on a lot of things and made me think about a lot of things from a different angle.

Where Does Blogging Come In?

I liked what he said in general. I don’t agree with everything he said but who the hell am I? One thing he did talk about was blogging every day. In the past I have treated blogging as a high pressure thing. I had to go from regular guy to accomplished author who everyone wanted to read and then somehow justify doing all this to myself with income of some type. This was exhausting and I burnt out quickly.

So the idea of writing a blog as a low pressure but very necessary thing to incorporate into the every day is interesting. Just write my observations and the rest of the world be damned! Sounds great. May never make a dime because I am not the best writer. I don’t think I could be called a writer. However the therapeutic side of writing is something I would like to dive into and experiance. There has to be a reason people are writing for fun.

On that subject Seth said to write your bad stuff and eventually you will get good stuff. I don’t know that he meant in blog form, but I will use some discretion. This isn’t an art project where I go nuts and things get very NC – 17 quickly. It should stay PG at its worst. After all most of “real life” is found in that range. If people like to read it, then good for them, and they should probably get their head checked out.

Where Am I Going From Here?

So I’m going to commit to this. It seems doable. However I will commit to this like I will commit to eating my vegetables. I will do it when I can, but I refuse to lose sleep over it.

If you want to listen to the Pod Cast that inspired this situation here it is. It’s a good podcast from two super smart and successful guys (Tim Ferris and Seth Godin)  and they talk about some deeper stuff while staying somewhat light-hearted and not too preachy. http://fourhourworkweek.com/2016/02/10/seth-godin/