I live in a town with 30000 people. Give or take a few thousand. Our biggest source of income as a city is coal. Next is Oil (which isn’t doing well). After that would be all types of gas.

If it burns and comes from the ground we produce it. I’ve seen less and less demand for coal as the EPA regulations increase and the demand for it decreases in proportion to the regulation.

This is not an ode to the boom town.

The situation is hard, people will lose their jobs, people will move away. The whole point of writing this is not so I can outline the ebb and flow of the boom and bust cycle of this city.

I just want to talk about the general feeling the city is starting to adopt. People wear a depression on their faces and speak a certain way. We are like a kingdom getting ready to fall.

Seeing housing developments come to a stand still. Just well manicured dirt fields. No longer “Future Home of _____.”

The residents are almost like the cells to the town. Some of us are not getting what we need and like a body with cancer. The cells that are being starved or poisoned (in this case losing their jobs) are having an affect on the whole.

It is sad to live in a town with an uncertain future. The only relief that could come is a sudden need for the energy we produce. It’s a false hope. Even if it comes it will not last. The world is going Green whether we like it or not. Shortly after the spike will come another crash. It’s just a matter of time.

What Now?

I feel we should heavily invest in the Green Movement. People want Wind and Solar. The wind is always blowing and the sun is shining most of the time. Shift direction and have huge fields of solar panels and above those huge rows or turbines.

I understand it’s not as easy as all that, but we cannot just let our community die because no one wants our black rocks and another country can produce oil cheaper than we can.

My town is sick. The situation is sad. Everyone is nervous and unsure of what will happen in the future.

The future wont be all bad.

Maybe this has happened to you in your city. I think the key is to not let it get you down. The community is not dying but adapting. Things will change, but out of ashes and empty buildings come opportunities.

Look at Detroit. They have had it rough. Hard times for a long time. However, for those with the right attitude there are opportunities. There are even TV shows about people buying those old houses and cleaning them up. Making them like new.

There is a future. It just wont be the one I grew up with. It will be something new and the transition may be a bit uncomfortable.