Fuzzy But Functioning

I quit using chewing tobacco 3 days ago. It has been rough. However I am still going strong!

My head is fuzzy but I feel okay. The body aches are starting to subside. I think by the end of the day I should be feeling much better all around.

Every time I go through this the biggest hardship is the feeling that my head has been disconnected from my body yet I am still required to use it. Even distance is harder to judge. It’s crazy yet manageable. If I take a few breaths and focus on them I can bring my self back to reality for a while. Coffee also helps.

It’s Getting Better

As for the body aches. I use Advil. It’s sweet ibuprofen. It tastes good and makes the aches a little better.

If you are smoking or chewing I highly recommend you stop. And not just because misery loves company. It feels awful, but in a lot of ways you wont even realize how bad you felt because of the poison until you quit the poison. It’s hard to explain, but anyone who has gone through it knows what I am talking about.

As a side note if you like weird dreams you should quit nicotine. I have been having the craziest most vivid dreams. Like skateboarding in a tar covered distopia and having loud arguments in shopping malls kind of dreams. It’s been a bad/great couple of days.

Join me, WONT YOU!! (Imagine Crazy Face popping through the screen at you right here)

Here is a great resource if you do want to quit: http://www.killthecan.org/