We’re off!

My wife decided we should go on a drive. Her exact words were “I’ve been feeling wonder lust recently.” I took this to mean lets get out of town.

I tried E-85. It was 1.39 a gallon. Gasoline was around 1.49. That is crazy to me. However, I still felt like I had pee’d in the holy water. E-85 is bad for some reason.

Now that that is over we were off. I started the trip off by forcing the children to listen to AC/DC. My middle son loved it. It was weird how much he loved it.

We saw a whole bunch of BNSF engines on the tracks just sitting there. There had to be about 100 of them. It was sad. A sign of the times. If engines are not moving coal they are not making anyone money.

Our Destination At Last!!

We drove through Moorcroft and ended up in Upton after about 50 minutes. It was a pleasant drive. We stopped at the Upton Old Town. It is a recreation of Iron Town. An old 1900 town. It was all very educational.

My oldest son would not stop looking at the ground. He could find anything. Anything on the ground. It is very frustrating and can be a bit much to handle. But we made it. He didn’t wander into traffic and we saw some old-timey buildings.

We then went on to the Upton City Park. Actually pretty big place for a town with only 3000 people. The kids played and it was a good time.

  • Quick note- The Park has a lot of Deer Poop!!

We then drove through Upton and on to Sundance. We went on the back side of Inyan Kara and if you haven’t taken that drive I would recommend it. It was beautiful.

Best part is once you hit Sundance you can take the Interstate back home because at that point everyone is done driving.

Its a nice time and a great way to kill 3 or 4 hours.