Where to start

I want to learn to make an app. I want to make something that stands a chance of being sold. I know from reading online that the iPhone crowd tends to buy apps more than the Android crowd. Let’s face it iPeople will buy anything.

I tried to learn Java Script. It used codecademy. It was a great program. I just couldn’t get it. There was nothing wrong with it and their Hour of Code is a great program for kids and others to get started down the road to learning to code.


I settled on Swift Code. It seems really easy. Maybe too easy. I wouldn’t know enough to tell if the language is some how a short cut and is costing me valuable lessons. Swift has gone open source so it can’t be that bad. I like it and some great apps are built on it.

I chose to start on the Code with Chris website. He walks you through building an app on Xcode. I like how easy it is to follow along. He does a great job of explaining all the steps and why you are doing what you are doing. How everything interacts and how to debug for later. He does a good job of doing so without getting too in-depth.

Warning: if you are an expert!

I would not recommend the course for someone who has a lot of coding experience. He will probably explain too much and go too slow. For me however with next to no training it was perfect. I now know much more than before and I didn’t have to read a super dry coding text book.

If you are thinking about giving it a try I would recommend giving him a shot. He also has a try before you buy. I can’t remember how long the trial was, but it was long enough to convince me. I am enjoying the program, and while it is taking me longer than it should I am learning quite a bit and retaining a lot because of the follow along format.

Some More Links:


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