I have been playing Minecraft PE for a few years. Just the pocket version. I’m not that committed. It is a fun game. You can build anything and your imagination is the limit. My kids are the ones who are really into it.

They play it all the time. They are actually quite good and do things I don’t understand and are things I would not even want to do. They were in the nether before it was cool and they do a bunch of other junk with potions and make cool things with power rails. It’s a good time and they get along while doing it. They work together, and what parent doesn’t want that.

Really, if you haven’t checked it out you should.

The New Way to Spend Time With Your Kids

The other day my four year old asks me to join his world. At first I give him the same old “Daddy is tired or working or whatever.” Realizing I am once again being a bad father and it would take next to no effort to humor him I give in and join his world on his Kindle Fire Kids Edition.

He is so proud. He acts like he built this place with his own hands. He beams about his house like I would if I was showing my father a mansion I built in my spare time. It was really a cool moment.

Then we built our own little house together and he made sure that we had Pumpkin Cakes by our beds. In case we got hungry. It was a great time. He also was very concerned that I had armor and that I went out and killed the skeletons with my diamond sword.

It showed me that I need to stop looking for big moments a couple times a year (hiking, camping, swimming, Christmas morning) and just spend more time with him and his brothers and sister. They wont always be into me.

Time is Ticking

I can see even now that to my older kids I am losing some of my super hero/super interesting qualities. I need to enjoy them while I can. Soon they will realize that I am not rich, I can’t beat all of the bad guys, I can’t lift a car/house, I will lose if I fight a bear, I am really not all that cool or interesting, and that not only am I a normal guy, but they will have to stand on their own for a lot of life.

I cannot save them and they will have to overcome so much. It is a hard realization. I remember that realization myself, and I know it is right around the corner for them. I hope even though my crime fighting skills will fade into the distant fog of their childhood memories I can still make them proud and help them become people they can be proud of too.

So while this took a somewhat dark turn I hope next time your little guy or girl says “will you join my world?” you will take them up on the offer. They wont ask you forever.