We were once again not wanting to sit in our house and become one with the furniture. So we decided to go on a drive. This was a great idea and one of the best we’ve had since the last good one we have had.

So we went to the Doughnut shop and loaded up. Then off for coffee because coffee is great, and why not? Then came the time to decide where to go. We settled on Story.

Hardcore Hiking

Hiking in Story river in story Story River

It was a decent drive. About an hour and twenty minutes. Not too long.

We went on a hike up by the river that runs by the Fish Hatchery and then checked out the Fish Hatchery buildings. Everyone had fun and no one got attached by a bear or bull moose.

Fish Hatchery Buildings Fish Hatchery Pond

If you’re in the North East Wyoming area I would recommend making the trip. It’s a nice place and a lot of fun. It gets even prettier in the summer and of course the fall is beautiful when the leaves start changing.

Here is the link to the Google Earth View and as soon as it is approved a Photo Sphere of the area will be on there.