What is Trello?Trello

Trello is a great organizational tool that has helped me get my life in order. They describe themselves and what they do right from the beginning so I took a screen snap of their tagline. Who Better to say it than them. This summarizes why it is so great. You can organize just about anything.

No matter what idea I have I tend to immediately get ahead of myself right out of the gate. I brainstorm and lose what I was thinking of as I think of it. One minute later it’s gone and probably isn’t coming back.

This is where a note taking or to-do app/program/piece of paper helps. However, it falls short. I find being able to see the “white board” really brings the idea to life. A list just doesn’t cut it sometimes.

I feel a basic list also loses the feeling of progression in a project. Which brings us to the next section.


Manage Projects – ALL OF THEM!

No matter what size the project is or what it is. This tool helps me get my head around it. As I was saying earlier sometimes I am thinking out a project and will start to jump ahead to the logical conclusions of certain elements of the project. This is great and feels almost a runners high. However, if I can’t immediately put this down in a graphical format it gets lost.

That is why I love being able to take anything (literally anything) and break it out graphically. I can take my trip to the grocery store if I want to and have every element of that trip in a card. Map to the store, all my store options, what I’m getting, what aisle the food is in, you can get as crazy as you want. This has very practical uses as well.

Rather than explain this to death, here is the Trello Inspiration page. This outlines a ton of great ideas and how people use this every day. I have found that as I get more into the program I find more and more that it can do.


Collaborate, Integrate, and Communicate

On each section of the board, there is a place to make comments or messages. You can work together as a team, and communicate what needs to be done or what has been done.

With the paid plans Trello also integrates with a lot of programs like Zendesk, Slack, Github, Evernote, Google Drive, Salesforce and much more. Here is the whole list.

Trello makes it easy to work with teams on a project as well as document the work of each member. Boards can be shared or kept private so you don’t have to worry about sharing everything.


Organize EverythingTrello Meal Planning

If you look at the Inspiration page you can see people are using it for just about anything you can think of. Vacation planning, class assignments, CRM, Projects of all types, and I’m sure there are thousands of other uses as well.

I haven’t seen it done but I was thinking of putting together a Budget board with the weeks of the month broken out into individual cards. That way you could Trello Start a Businessdrag cards around depending on what month it was. Or you could have a planned and paid column and do a Dave Ramsey type budget. Either way, it would provide visual organization and be shareable so your wife or even business partners could see it.

This tool can really be a game changer if you use it right. I included their link below so check It out.

Check out Trello today!