It is time for new shoes

It’s that time again. I need to pick out a new pair of shoes. This is a task that I dread. I never know where to start, and for most of my life, the shoes I end up with have been determined by one of two things.

  1. What others thought was cool.
  2. What was required by the job I had.

Now I suppose that these are the reasons most people choose everything they are going to wear. I don’t think people who are “fashionable” really want to wear a shoe that comes to a spike crushing their toes. I couldn’t imagine most men who wear those skinny jeans do so because they like their balls shoved into the most uncomfortable positions. It’s most likely someone thought these styles were hip, trendy, or cool. The consumer then follows their lead.

The second reason of the job dictating what I type of shoe I get is not really a problem. If you want a job you will wear the shoe required for the tasks to be performed. My problem with this is I tend to only wear this shoe from now on. I have a problem with only owning/using one pair of shoes. So like a dope I am rocking steel toe boots in church, at the grocery store, in meetings with customers (which is sometimes acceptable), and anywhere else I find myself.

My goal is to get out of this situation without falling fully into either one of these situations. I do have to wear the boots. But I don’t have to wear them all the time.

Where to start

Looking for a place to start was pretty easy. I googled it. Simple enough.

I found a few sources outside of google as well. I listen to podcasts and they tend to advertise for services that will send you clothes. If you like the clothes they bill you for them. If not, you send them back. If you look at these places you can see what is in style and why.

One of these is Trunk Club. They send you clothes and you either keep them or you send them back. If you can afford it, just use their service. Then you can stop reading this and go on with your day. For me though their clothes are a bit pricey. $450.00 shoes better walk the dog for me or do something more than just cover my feet.

Where I Ended Up

I found the best way to solve the problem was Amazon or Zappos. I took the information I found online and at various men’s fashion sites and review sites then combined that with the search tools of these two shopping sites. I know you can do the same thing at several other websites. These were the two I went with.

I was able to come up with results for new shoes that were within my budget, didn’t make me look like a fad chasing clown, and also were appropriate for the situations I would find myself in. Not every day do I need metatarsal protection.

This was a good way to get away from being the guy who only owns one pair of shoes and not becoming my 4th-grade self again. Buying the expensive orange Nike’s because a random classmate said they were “cool”.