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I uploaded a Photos Sphere the other day to Google Street View. Once it was all official and my image was online an email asking if I wanted to be a Google Local Guide showed up.

It’s actually a pretty cool program. You can also earn free stuff if you earn enough points. The best one I have found is 1 TB of storage for two years. There are other opportunities and benefits to being in the program.

Google Guides Rewards

Google Map Maker

This lead me to the Google Map Maker. I didn’t know this was a thing. Now I can’t stop. I have always noticed issues on Google Maps. Businesses in the wrong location or roads not being marked. Now you can fix the issues or, at least, recommend them to be fixed.

The points are pretty easy to earn. Writing reviews and taking pictures is easy work. I would recommend going over and signing up. It’s a fun way to help build a better Google Maps.

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