Field Notes Notebooks

I was recently introduced to these notebooks by a Life Hacker article pitting them against Moleskine notebooks. I am familiar with Moleskine and I like using their product, but I was curious about Field Notes, which I had never heard of.

So I did a little research and ordered some Field Notes in Ruled and Graph paper.

I love these little notebooks. I love their tagline. “I’m not writing it down to remember it later, I’m writing it down to remember it now.”That’s good, right? It’s either a ploy to get you to buy their books and write as much as possible, or it’s just a helpful little tidbit. I feel it’s a bit of both. I have started doing just what they said and it really has helped. I think it has to do with the process of thinking through what I am going write that helps. Converting experience to recorded word helps me remember.

Acquire Your Own Field Notes

The books are cheap. Not cheaply made but cheap to own. Field Notes notebooks are 3 for $9.95. Granted they only have 48 pages per book and only come in one size, but that is kind of what I like about them.

When I get a new notebook I feel a huge weight. This book will be my only book for all time until I get it filled up. Field Notes are not that big of a commitment. Just 48 pages. Not a big deal.

There is also a pretty big following of these little guys and it’s all a bit hipstery. Which isn’t bad if the product is useful. I like that they have special edition colors and even have a planner. I ordered the planner shortly after my books arrived. I liked them and thought “hell let’s give this a shot!”


I got away from using a planner but am going back to it. Digital just can’t fill the void in my life for a dorky planner.

Limited Edition Subscription

There is a subscription to their Limited Edition Colors notebooks. It costs $97.00 and is a bit rich for my blood. If you are a collector go for it! Once the supply is gone it’s gone.

Well not exactly. I found some of them on Amazon. If it’s life or death though I would buy the subscription.

Let me know below if I’m full of it or if you agree. Let’s talk about notebooks late into the night!