Gone fishing


I was hesitant at first. Fishing on a cold windy day was risky. However, I didn’t really have a choice. This was the deal I made to get her in the car on the day before. I negotiated for about a half hour and agreed to take her fishing.

Amazingly the trip was great. We didn’t have the normal breakdown in communication. Or road blocks. I didn’t have to argue about every little thing. She just wanted to go fishing and she had done the things we required to earn it. Mainly not being an awful person.

I taught her some things about fishing my dad taught me. She was awkward but tried her best. She actually caught a rainbow trout after about one minute which was a special moment.

She had a lot of small failures and successes. Which gave me a lot of opportunities to encourage her and celebrate her small victories.

It was a nice time and one of those rare daddy-daughter moments that I will remember forever.


This is not our dog. He just showed up and decided to swim.

Finding Your Own Moments

finding moments with your child similar to this is not as hard as it might seem. Aspies obsess.  It’s what they do.  It’s easy to know what they are into if you just open your eyes.

Sometimes you get lucky. Your experience and their obsession meet. Take advantage of that. You know it will pass and your opportunity is gone.

If all else fails, wing it. They will never think like you nor will you think like them. But, you have a chance to hang out with someone who won’t be around very long and whom you will deeply miss.

You can’t expect every interaction to be perfect. If you’ve had a child on the spectrum you know most will not be. So suck it up and make some memories.

I found this great article about other activities you can try with your Autistic kids (or Neurotypical Kids as well)