A Pleasant Sunday Afternoon

We got in a huge fight. Like silent treatment, a low blow, anger and sadness fight over toilet paper.

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon. We had gotten home from church where Pastor preached about the Good Samaritan. We had a great lunch before going to the movie with my parents. Afterward, we had to go to Wal-Mart to pick up a pool filter and all should have been well.

Deal of the Century

On the way there I was looking at my phone as Kellee was driving and saw someone in a local coupon group posted Charmin 12 double rolls for only $1 at Wal-Mart! To me, this is like Christmas. I get giddy and excited and mention this to my husband. I am disappointed that he doesn’t have the same reaction but decide that I must get all the TP!

We get to the store. Impatiently I hurry him along to the closest parking spot, as soon as the car is in park, I jump out and rush inside. Never mind the fact I left Kellee with the kids so I could get the deal ASAP!

Kellee meets me in the Toilet Paper isle and I have already loaded most of the toilet paper I can reach. His face shows disappointment and impatience. Which I am not okay with. Can he not see that this is the deal of the century? This whole thing is practically a miracle!

I make him load up all of the Charmin (which is technically a couponing faux pas). Our conversation continues to erode. For some reason, he is embarrassed to walk through the store with two carts full of TP. His attitude is getting on my nerves as well.

We Fight, and I Win! (But at what cost)

Later we fight about going to the store for a filter and then cleaning out the TP supply. It’s not our worst shopping trip, but not our best. Eventually, he did admit that it was a good deal. I think he is still a little annoyed.

Sometimes you have to bring your marriage to the brink of destruction to get the deals! It’s the price of doing business.