The infamous “Mothers Day Portrait”

…… “Mom! Mom!!! I drew your mouth to look like a penis” she announced in front of everyone.

 I wanted to share the infamous “Mothers Day Portrait” by my very own Isabella Carroll. Many of you have heard this story and few have seen the picture and I hope that all will enjoy me recounting one of the most humiliating moments of my life.

It was around Mother’s Day 2008. Bella was in preschool at Heritage Christian School and I was invited to join her class for a “Mommy and Me Tea”. Running late because I was a busy young mom with Tommy who was 3 at the time and Oliver just a few months old. I dropped them off with my mom and rushed to the school and arrived late and smelling like B.O. because I am sure I didn’t have time to shower or put on deodorant because of the marathon that it took to get there.

It’s Preschool, what could go wrong?

Taking my seat near the front just as the students begin their presentations where one at a time they would stand proudly showing their portrait of their mothers while the teacher read about what the kids had answered about their mothers. It was precious the answers were adorable, the pictures were cute, and the kids were even cuter. After a few students, it was Bella’s turn I proudly sat up straight waved and took pictures as she beamed holding her picture she drew of me.

My first thought when I saw the picture was that my mouth looked a little odd but I was so proud my little mommy heart was filled with love and joy. Bella’s turn was over and before returning to sit down this is when it happened! One of the most scarring moments of my life. The memory brings me a sick to the stomach feeling just thinking about it. Bella said some of the most humiliating words ever uttered by mankind …… “Mom! Mom!!! I drew your mouth to look like a penis” she announced in front of everyone.

Horror ! Panic ! Anger ! Humiliation!

Horror ! Panic ! Anger ! Humiliation! All washed over in that moment. I shush her and beg her to sit and she keeps repeating it as she walks towards me over and over she says “Mom I made your mouth look like a penis” it was like she suddenly developed Tourette’s. She kept saying it until she is close enough for me to physically cover her mouth.

I sat there stunned looking at no one and everyone all at the same time. I could hear the snickers and whispers, I could feel the stares and awkwardness was palpable. The teacher moves on to the next student as I sit there praying for Jesus to return at this very moment and sweating more that I have ever sweat in my entire life making my B.O. even worse. When Christ hadn’t returned and all the other kids were done I quickly drank tea avoided all eye contact with the other mothers and got out of there as fast as humanly possible.

Happy Mothers Day,