Delusions of Family Fun!

So I was thinking about summer and how I should try to be cheerful and outdoorsy so I began searching cabins to rent the I found this a Tipi that we could stay in near Devils Tower. I began having romanticized delusions of singing songs around the campfire, stargazing and all the Little House on the Prairie nostalgia my little heart could muster.

I was being completely ridiculous thinking of getting us all matching long johns and wool sock and cooking on cast iron skillets over the open fire with wood the boys gathered, I thought we could bring the dog and that I should wear a bonnet and force Kellee to learn banjo and we would leave all the trappings of this technology filled world behind.

Bitter Reality Sets In

I sent a text to Kellee filled with joy and excitement his response was “You were worried about pumas in our own house last night” (I made us sleep with the window open and thought a Puma might climb in through the window) Upon reading his wise words my mind quickly shifted from excitement to crazy fear filled panic that overwhelmed my soul. I began to think about bugs!!!

How could I have forgotten we would be sleeping in the grass! Can you even imagine the spiders that would be crawling all over trying to murder me and the children?

Then the fire, it would not be fun at all, I would be panic screaming about safety and telling the children about how awful burn debridement is in graphic detail to make them afraid, then night time if we survived the spiders and fire the wolves and mountain lions would get us for sure.

Then come serial killers that wander about the wilderness looking for their next victim (Kellee can’t bring his gun because you can only imagine the fear filled panicked safety lectures I would have to have), if we weren’t killed by those or the tornados or lightning we surely wouldn’t be able to sleep on the hard ground, children would be whipped into a frenzy after all my safety screaming about all the ways we could die and no one would sleep, and bathrooms I didn’t even think were we would go to the bathroom or wash our hands !!

The Aftermath

I am having anxiety and chest pain still just thinking about it.

The Tipi looks like a good time if you are in the mood for danger and adventure. Check it out! But, be warned, nature will murder you!!