Pokemon…. The Gateway Drug

Since before I have had children I have had a great fear … A fear that keeps me awake at night ….. The kind of fear that takes your mind to a deep dark place ….. It’s the fear that my children will really get into Anime.

Pokemon Go has come out and I see all sorts of people posting how great it is….it’s a great way to get the children outside…fun family time….. a great way to see the community …… I see it as a gateway to Anime obsession.

All because I let them play Pokemon Go!

The kind of obsession that carries into adulthood ….. I get visions of awful clothing choices…..and weirder and weirder entertainment…… Joining clubs and going to Japan….. Becoming Atheist saying things like “reason and logic are my Gods”…….. Wearing tee shirts with sayings like “This is what a feminist looks like”……. Then one of the children getting a pillow with an anime girl and pretending like it’s real and marry the pillow, bring it to thanksgiving and insist “Mokoi” (because of course, he named it. It’s his wife) sit at the table where he will pretend to feed it. Then it will be time for pie and I have served everyone pie and coffee and the coffee pot is empty but “Mokoi” wants a cup of coffee and my son insist I make another pot for the pillow (Maybe I should get a Keguri) – I will be telling myself “you can’t have influence without relationship” as I grudgingly make the coffee.

Then it will be time to sleep and I must decide if I recognize the pillow marriage as real and let them sleep in the same room or separate rooms and huge fight ensues. Thanksgiving is ruined and all we have is the picture we took earlier that day to use the Christmas card that he insisted “Mokoi” be in because she’s “family”. We never see them again, and they bring “Mokoi” and their pillow family to my funeral (I had three throw pillow grandchildren I never got to know)……. All because I let them play Pokemon Go!

Gotta Catch ’em All