Our trip to the dermatologist takes a dark turn.

I had to take Tommy (10) to the dermatologist (you know the doctor that looks at your skin!!) this morning. On my way there I look over to him in the passenger seat and to my horror, he is drawing a swastika on his arm!

I ask in panic “What are you doing?!” I fear at the precious age of 10 he has become some sort of white supremacist or nazi lover and I am such an unobservant mother I missed my precious little boy had become a member of the KKK and has been listening to songs of hate in his spare time all while me blissfully unaware am folding laundry and living in lalaland.

As the fear and panic and shame wash over me like a baptism of failure, he replies to me “I saw it on a movie about Corrie Ten Boom” ….. Ahhh relief sweet relief he isn’t a horrible racist, I am not the worst mother in the world, he is not secretly crafting white hoods from sheets, but is actually watching movies about Godly people standing for their faith. 

He’s ashamed, so we are in the clear!

He is just a distracted young man who obviously didn’t make the swastika/nazi connection from the movie. I inform him of what it stands for and why it’s inappropriate to draw one on one’s self and what people think when they see a swastika. 

He feels ashamed and that makes me feel better like he really was just thoughtless and not actually evil and by the grace of God find a wipe to wash it off before dermatologist appointment. It was one of those “I can’t believe this is happening moments.”

It could have been worse,