Exploding watermelon experiment

We saw this all over YouTube, Facebook, wherever people put videos of themselves blowing things up. It looked like a fun time and there was no fire involved.

Being the mother of 3 boys, explosions are always on the table. In fact, we usually discourage them and prohibit them all together. Like I said, though this one didn’t involve fire.


To do this experiment you need a lot of rubber bands. We used about 250 (But I can’t remember the exact amount).

A watermelon – Long skinny one is easy to get the bands to stay around the middle.

Time/Bandaids. (I got a blister from the rubber bands).

Camera equipment – We used a selfie stick with an iPhone and another smartphone to capture the slow-motion explosion.


You Just wrap rubber bands. Eventually, the watermelon starts to bulge. Around this time your fingers will be all done and you start to develop blisters.

For us, the watermelon developed a crack. That’s when we started the slow motion recording. All of a sudden it started to split, and then boom! It blew up.

It makes a mess, but no one gets hurt. Just hose off the deck and eat the remains. It’s a cheap fun experiment that you and your kids will enjoy.