After 13 years I never knew!

The most amazing thing happened. For Christmas Bella got a pack of emoji yo-yos. Tonight she was trying to get a hang of it and Kellee asks for her to hand it to him.

He the proceeds to blow our freaking minds with amazing yo-yo skills. He does tricks he has little hacks to make them work better and had all the terminology and lingo down. It was amazing the bests moment was when I asked how he acquired these skills and he said: “Do you remember in eighth grade when everyone at school got really into yo-yos? Little did they know I had been into yo-yos since second grade.” 

Our new family activity

After 13 years of marriage, it was nice to still have a little mystery !! We have now ordered yo-yos for all of us and have decided to make yo-yoing and new family activity! So nerdy so precious!

Apparently, he can juggle (I have seen him do that a few times) and he can make balloon animals and can ride a unicycle!!!!! I think he was training to be a clown.

It must come easy because he was used to shoving his giant body into little cars. I can’t stop laughing and the thought of my giant husband making balloon animals and riding a unicycle.