I actually said the following!

“Don’t murder your fart! We don’t fart then stab the air by our butts with a steak knife while we unload the dishwasher! That is not safe and gross! Are you farting on the knife right now?! ” Saying things like this is the reason I can’t remember what a washing machine is called sometimes. My brain is just becoming mush.

Positive News

In other news, Bella cleaned a yogurt stain the size of my hand, since it was approximately half a go-gurt, off the wall it the middle of our family room. It had been there since Halloween and I have refused to clean testing how long it would take someone to notice and clean it.

I feel the need to do this sometimes. I see something that should not be; A sock on the floor, yogurt squirted on the wall (WHO DOES THAT?!?!), dog vomit, or something else that should not exist in my home, and I see how long it will take to get it taken care of. Am I just the servant or will someone take it upon themselves to pick up their mess?

As you can see the yogurt experiment went poorly and it took entirely too long to be removed. I actually had to mention to the entire family that I was waiting to see who would clean it up.

Even my husband, who sits next to this yogurt disaster, didn’t get it cleaned up. He literally could have told any one of the children to clean it up, but for some reason didn’t. It’s like they have blinders on to their own filth.

Maybe the next experiment will go better? Or maybe this is just my lot in life?

Just living the classy life!!!