My Adulting Moment

I have a wonderful tale involving a freezer, failure, and potential death. In a panic of spring cleaning, I decided to empty out a small chest freezer. In another genius idea after cleaning it out I decided to unplug it to save money, it seemed smart at the time and like a sweet adulting moment.

I decided to unplug it to save money, it seemed smart at the time and like a sweet adulting moment.

Pride filled my heart as I was unplugging thinking of how frugal and being a good steward I was but blinded by my pride I forgot the critical detail of telling others in my house of my wise choice.

Fast forward to today moments before leaving to take the kids doctor Bella opened it and the smell of rotting milk filled not only the house but the void that was once filled with pride. Tommy unknowingly put the left-over ice cream from Max’s party in the room temp freezer. I left for the doctor’s office fearing the mess and smell I would have to conquer when we got home.

The doctor’s office was a dramatic scream filled, Wrestlemania style smack-down as my 12 year old lost her ever loving mind over getting two small shots. Amidst the chaos, I was able to forget the horrors that awaited me. I called Kellee Carroll and informed him of the traumatizing morning and he agreed to help me attack the freezer like a superhero who does disgusting household chores (I am thinking back to the pooptastrophy of 2012).

A Superhero … who does disgusting household chores.

During his lunch hour, he kindly pulled the freezer of doom outside and cleaned the whole thing while I lovingly stood by being unhelpful as usual. The smell was gone but the freezer needed to air out slightly as a precaution. Well, we kind of forgot it was outside tipped on its side with all the electrical bits exposed until I commented on how lovely the rain sounded.

Now in increasing white trash glory, we need to leave it outside even longer to dry out because in Kellee’s words “If you plug that in now you will either die from the shock or the whole thing will just burst into flames.” I will update in a few days when someone post for me telling you my funeral details or letting you know which bridge we are now living under.