Opera Neon Browser

I love the Neon Browser from Opera. It is a concept browser, meaning it has a ton of cool features and it pretty much a tester for all the cool things Opera wants to try out. It is not intended to replace your browser. Here is what Opera has to say about it:

Opera Neon is a concept browser – a vision of what browsers could become. It is not designed to replace the current Opera desktop browser. However, we do plan to incorporate some of its best new features into Opera for computers as early as spring 2017.


It has visual tabs, vertical navigation panel, split screen mode, video pop-out, and my favorite the snap-to-gallery feature. The snap-to-gallery feature is awesome. No more rummaging through extensions to take a screen shot. However, you will notice there is no left click. No easy to find save option.

Opera Neon’s Frustrating Flaw

This made me freak out. Seething anger, because I have no life. What good is a screen shot if I can’t save it?

The little copy button on the lower right just copies the address of where you took the screen shot. I thought this rendered the feature, and the browser completely useless.

Then I discovered an incredibly simple and somewhat obvious workaround.

Simply open the screen shots panel in the Neon Browser.


Then click and drag the image you want to save to the file explorer icon.



Once you are over the Explorer icon, Explorer will open up*.

*Note: you may need to open up Explorer before doing this step, I have found that it doesn’t always open.



Once you drop your picture into the file you want to save it in, you’re done. It’s as simple as that.

Before figuring this out I scoured Google. There was really nothing on this and all feature requests and the few things I did read all said “it’s a concept browser. If you don’t like it, then download Opera.”

Even with this issue, it is still a great browser with a lot of cool features. I would recommend trying it out.

If you want to check it out yourself go here. It’s a fast browser and if this is the future of browsers, the future is looking good.