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Author: beinganerdydad

How to Save Screen Shots on the Opera Neon Browser

Opera Neon Browser I love the Neon Browser from Opera. It is a concept browser, meaning it has a ton of cool features and it pretty much a tester for all the cool things Opera wants to try out. It is not intended to replace your browser. Here is what Opera has to say about it: Opera Neon is a concept browser – a vision of what browsers could become. It is not designed to replace the current Opera desktop browser. However, we do plan to incorporate some of its best new features into Opera for computers as early as spring 2017. - It has visual tabs, vertical navigation panel, split screen mode, video pop-out, and my favorite the snap-to-gallery feature. The snap-to-gallery feature is awesome. No more rummaging through extensions to take a screen shot. However, you will notice there is no left click. No easy to find save option. Opera Neon’s Frustrating Flaw This made me freak out. Seething anger, because I have no life. What good is a screen shot if I can’t save it? The little copy button on the lower right just copies the address of where you took the screen shot. I thought this rendered the feature, and the browser completely useless. Then I discovered an incredibly simple and somewhat obvious workaround. Simply open the screen shots panel in the Neon Browser.   Then click...

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Father Son Duct Tape Duel

Sometime Mid October …… It begins! Mid October there is an event unlike any other in Gillette Wyoming. The Father Son Duct Tape Duel is an event for Fathers and Sons to build a project from a pile of junk and duct tape. It is a lot of fun and there are some great sponsors. Starting at 5:30 you and your son(s) check in. After being assigned your tape you proceed to the supply line. Sponsors have all kinds of stuff. Boxes, Paint Sticks, Tongue Depressors, Water Bottles, Pipe Cleaners, Plastic Tubes, Etc. It is best to have some...

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Dad and Daughter Fishing Trip

Gone fishing   I was hesitant at first. Fishing on a cold windy day was risky. However, I didn’t really have a choice. This was the deal I made to get her in the car on the day before. I negotiated for about a half hour and agreed to take her fishing. Amazingly the trip was great. We didn’t have the normal breakdown in communication. Or road blocks. I didn’t have to argue about every little thing. She just wanted to go fishing and she had done the things we required to earn it. Mainly not being an awful...

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Still Tobacco Free

Two Months Down! About two months ago I quit chewing tobacco. For the last time, I hope. It has been quite a ride. The first two weeks were rough. Read about them here. Then it got steadily better. I wasn’t in constant pain and the mental fog began to subside. However, all is not well As part of drowning out the nicotine craving, I started eating. A lot. It was not the best. Well, it was the best. Every delicious bite. The result was I gained 20 pounds. Which is a lot no matter how you slice it. I was already...

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How to see the Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis Northern Lights lights are beautiful and seem other-worldly. For kids (who haven’t seen them before) it’s like magic. Being here in Wyoming and most other places in the lower 48 states the trick is catching them when they are in the sky. In order to see the lights the Kp levels have to be pretty high and at storm level in order to see them if you’re south of Canada. Unlike a thunderstorm they are silent. They could be happening right now! (You should stop reading this and check the sky). Auroras could come and go without you...

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