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Author: beinganerdydad

Saying No To The Autistic Kid With Sensory Issues

We said no ….. So it begins My daughter is in her room. Wailing and yelling in her bedroom about needing a bath. She has been for some time now. She is begging, pleading, demanding that she gets either a bath or a shower. She is wanting to trade one bath now for not taking a bath for a week. As though that were possible or helpful. After her begging for 20 minutes, my wife says “maybe she is expressing a need, maybe she does need this?” Is it compromise or swallowing my pride? I am immediately on the...

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Field Notes

Field Notes Notebooks I was recently introduced to these notebooks by a Life Hacker article pitting them against Moleskine notebooks. I am familiar with Moleskine and I like using their product, but I was curious about Field Notes, which I had never heard of. So I did a little research and ordered some Field Notes in Ruled and Graph paper. I love these little notebooks. I love their tagline. “I’m not writing it down to remember it later, I’m writing it down to remember it now.”That’s good, right? It’s either a ploy to get you to buy their books and...

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Google Local Guides

Google Local Guides I uploaded a Photos Sphere the other day to Google Street View. Once it was all official and my image was online an email asking if I wanted to be a Google Local Guide showed up. It’s actually a pretty cool program. You can also earn free stuff if you earn enough points. The best one I have found is 1 TB of storage for two years. There are other opportunities and benefits to being in the program. Google Map Maker This lead me to the Google Map Maker. I didn’t know this was a thing. Now...

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Choosing New Shoes – Like A Grown Up

It is time for new shoes It’s that time again. I need to pick out a new pair of shoes. This is a task that I dread. I never know where to start, and for most of my life, the shoes I end up with have been determined by one of two things. What others thought was cool. What was required by the job I had. Now I suppose that these are the reasons most people choose everything they are going to wear. I don’t think people who are “fashionable” really want to wear a shoe that comes to a spike crushing their toes. I couldn’t imagine most men who wear those skinny jeans do so because they like their balls shoved into the most uncomfortable positions. It’s most likely someone thought these styles were hip, trendy, or cool. The consumer then follows their lead. The second reason of the job dictating what I type of shoe I get is not really a problem. If you want a job you will wear the shoe required for the tasks to be performed. My problem with this is I tend to only wear this shoe from now on. I have a problem with only owning/using one pair of shoes. So like a dope I am rocking steel toe boots in church, at the grocery store, in meetings with customers (which is...

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Trello – Manage Projects and Organize Everything

What is Trello? Trello is a great organizational tool that has helped me get my life in order. They describe themselves and what they do right from the beginning so I took a screen snap of their tagline. Who Better to say it than them. This summarizes why it is so great. You can organize just about anything. No matter what idea I have I tend to immediately get ahead of myself right out of the gate. I brainstorm and lose what I was thinking of as I think of it. One minute later it’s gone and probably isn’t coming back. This is where a note taking or to-do app/program/piece of paper helps. However, it falls short. I find being able to see the “white board” really brings the idea to life. A list just doesn’t cut it sometimes. I feel a basic list also loses the feeling of progression in a project. Which brings us to the next section.   Manage Projects – ALL OF THEM! No matter what size the project is or what it is. This tool helps me get my head around it. As I was saying earlier sometimes I am thinking out a project and will start to jump ahead to the logical conclusions of certain elements of the project. This is great and feels almost a runners high. However, if I can’t immediately put...

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