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Author: beinganerdydad

Burnt Hollow Recreation Area

I took my kids hiking north of Gillette Wyoming at the North Entrance of the Burnt Hollow Recreational Area this weekend. It is a huge, about 18,000 acres. with all that space and being in sagebrush country there is all kinds of nature out there. We regularly go up there. It’s a simple place and nothing special. However there is all kinds of stuff to do. Tall hills to climb, ponds with all kinds of creatures, and bugs. Lots and lots of bugs. The one and only time I have found a scorpion in Wyoming was at Burnt Hollow....

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Some Managing Advice For Very Small Companies

Managing the Very Small Business. Seth Godin usually has great things to say. Sometimes he seems a bit out there to me, but that may be because he is going over my head. In this Blog Post he talks about Managing the very small business. I just happen to be doing this so I appreciate the advice. I tend to get stuck between all three of these models he outlines. A team of equals, Fellow travelers, and Industrialized employees. Usually depending on my mood. When i feel that I am in the zone or on a roll I want Industrialized Employees. “Do your Job and await further instructions.” This works for a bit. Then i hit the issue he outlines here. The pitfall: Sometimes the boss is also busy getting new business, inventing new products and generally engaged outside the organization. As a result, he is hoping that he’s the leader of fellow travelers, but of course he never built that organization, so he’s disappointed, over and over. Ideally I would stay firmly in the Fellow Travelers zone. Where we are all in this together, all fulfilled by what we do, and all take ownership of our work. This one being ideal is also the hardest to achieve as he outlines with the pitfall of this model. The pitfall: this isn’t fast, easy or cheap. Businesses often fail to spend the time and money to...

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Our Trip to Story Wyoming

Story!! We were once again not wanting to sit in our house and become one with the furniture. So we decided to go on a drive. This was a great idea and one of the best we’ve had since the last good one we have had. So we went to the Doughnut shop and loaded up. Then off for coffee because coffee is great, and why not? Then came the time to decide where to go. We settled on Story. Hardcore Hiking It was a decent drive. About an hour and twenty minutes. Not too long. We went on a hike up by the river that runs by the Fish Hatchery and then checked out the Fish Hatchery buildings. Everyone had fun and no one got attached by a bear or bull moose. If you’re in the North East Wyoming area I would recommend making the trip. It’s a nice place and a lot of fun. It gets even prettier in the summer and of course the fall is beautiful when the leaves start changing. Here is the link to the Google Earth View and as soon as it is approved a Photo Sphere of the area will be on...

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Starting a Blog

Starting A Blog So you want to start a blog? It is actually pretty easy (to start that is). I have included some links below to some great resources. There is a lot more to it than is in this short post, but this is a good start and to the point. First things First You need hosting. Managed WordPress Hosting is the easiest way to get started. With Managed WordPress you pay your money, pick your URL, and the provider sets everything up for you. In this method the hardest thing (besides paying money) is choosing your URL. I recommend...

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The Heart Chip!!!

Valentines Day Miracle!! This is not a huge deal and should not be on a blog anywhere. EVER! Note my over use of exclamation points!! We were eating lunch on Valentines day with the whole family. Chips, Hot-dogs, other good foods. Then my daughter is breaking her chips with her finger. Showing true tween angst….. then it happened!! She hit a chip and it broke a “perfect” heart in the middle. See picture bellow. It’s a sight to behold. Believe it or not. I don’t care. It is still pretty awesome.  ...

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