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Author: fourandnomore

A Freezer, Failure, and Potential Death

My Adulting Moment I have a wonderful tale involving a freezer, failure, and potential death. In a panic of spring cleaning, I decided to empty out a small chest freezer. In another genius idea after cleaning it out I decided to unplug it to save money, it seemed smart at the time and like a sweet adulting moment. I decided to unplug it to save money, it seemed smart at the time and like a sweet adulting moment. Pride filled my heart as I was unplugging thinking of how frugal and being a good steward I was but blinded...

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I Shaved Off Tommy’s Eyebrow

It’s cutting hair. How hard could it be? Well, I was delusional and thought I could cut Tommy’s hair. I have seen the boys get haircuts hundreds of times and I looked it up on Pinterest so I was confident I could do this. Perhaps the first error was not having the proper equipment. I only had a beard trimmer but was still confident I could do it. I was getting less confident as I started and couldn’t get the guard thing to work so I took it off deciding to free hand. I was feeling semi-confident and then...

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Don’t murder your fart!

I actually said the following! “Don’t murder your fart! We don’t fart then stab the air by our butts with a steak knife while we unload the dishwasher! That is not safe and gross! Are you farting on the knife right now?! ” Saying things like this is the reason I can’t remember what a washing machine is called sometimes. My brain is just becoming mush. Positive News In other news, Bella cleaned a yogurt stain the size of my hand, since it was approximately half a go-gurt, off the wall it the middle of our family room. It had been there...

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Sonicare = Torture Wand!!

A deal too good to pass up! So I bought Kellee and I Sonicare toothbrushes on a great Cyber Monday deal with some Kohls Cash I had and today they arrived. If you have never used a Sonic Care toothbrush let the following be a warning! I was so excited for this toothbrush I have seen the commercials how great and amazing they are and I like to take care of my teeth. So the amazing deal and Kohls cash combo seemed like a dream come true. I have owned electric toothbrushes in the past and was prepared for...

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The Library

Delusions of family togetherness I am taking Bella to the library tonight to get some chapter books because I have failed her as a parent and she is a grade level behind in reading (Tommy is more than a grade level ahead so I guess that can even out). I was telling Kellee we should go as a family together to the library ( I was thinking it will be like a full house episode we will all find books and quietly snuggle in over-sized chairs and all come out with a new passion for reading and on day...

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