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Author: fourandnomore

My Husband is a Closet Clown

After 13 years I never knew! The most amazing thing happened. For Christmas Bella got a pack of emoji yo-yos. Tonight she was trying to get a hang of it and Kellee asks for her to hand it to him. He the proceeds to blow our freaking minds with amazing yo-yo skills. He does tricks he has little hacks to make them work better and had all the terminology and lingo down. It was amazing the bests moment was when I asked how he acquired these skills and he said: “Do you remember in eighth grade when everyone at school...

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If I ever meet Pioneer Woman my hands will ruin it….

I Have a Dream I have a dream, not a dream as altruistic as MLK’s but a dream none the less. It is to meet my hero, my muse my imaginary best friend Pioneer Woman, But I have a fear, a worry, and stress about maybe meeting P-Dubs, it’s what I will do with my hands. I know the likelihood of ever meeting her is small but I play it out in my head over and over. First I have the delusion that if I somehow say or do the right thing that magically P-Dubs and I will become...

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Exploding Watermelon Exploding watermelon experiment We saw this all over YouTube, Facebook, wherever people put videos of themselves blowing things up. It looked like a fun time and there was no fire involved. Being the mother of 3 boys, explosions are always on the table. In fact, we usually discourage them and prohibit them all together. Like I said, though this one didn’t involve fire. Supplies To do this experiment you need a lot of rubber bands. We used about 250 (But I can’t remember the exact amount). A watermelon – Long skinny one is easy to get the bands...

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My Daughters Gross, Amazing Hobby

Disgusting Fun For All! My daughter enjoys special effects. Like making wounds, bruises, and other suspicious and unsettling marks on herself or anyone else who will sit still. This little hobby has caused some issues. There is nothing like getting a call from a teacher about all of the bruises on your children. Then having to explain that they are not bruises and they wash off. I’m sure they are thinking ‘yeah right’ as we explain that the signs of abuse on our kids are really just dirty spots from their sister.  I’m sure they are thinking ‘yeah right’...

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My Deep Fears and Pokemon Go

Pokemon…. The Gateway Drug Since before I have had children I have had a great fear … A fear that keeps me awake at night ….. The kind of fear that takes your mind to a deep dark place ….. It’s the fear that my children will really get into Anime. Pokemon Go has come out and I see all sorts of people posting how great it is….it’s a great way to get the children outside…fun family time….. a great way to see the community …… I see it as a gateway to Anime obsession. All because I let them...

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