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Author: fourandnomore

He drew WHAT?!

Our trip to the dermatologist takes a dark turn. I had to take Tommy (10) to the dermatologist (you know the doctor that looks at your skin!!) this morning. On my way there I look over to him in the passenger seat and to my horror, he is drawing a swastika on his arm! I ask in panic “What are you doing?!” I fear at the precious age of 10 he has become some sort of white supremacist or nazi lover and I am such an unobservant mother I missed my precious little boy had become a member of the...

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Me, a Mullet, and Misery

I give you a story of misery and a mullet! I have always hated my hair. It’s unruly, wild and crazy much like me. Over the last several years it has been falling out in handfuls making the evil mop even more unmanageable. Over the last few months though it has started to grow back and not fall out as much and I was just starting to maybe have to potential for not horrible hair. Well, that all ended tonight! How bad could it be it’s only an inch or two? I was on the couch running my fingers...

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Best Fathers Day Card

Bella’s Fathers Day card to Kellee – 2016 Dear Dad, This stuff I am going to write about is called ” Random Stuff I Think About You ” 1) I think about your beard a lot 2) I think about when you are yelling at bad wildlife you don’t say “Get out of here ” you say ” Git on outta here” 3)I think about how when you weed eat plants you do it so well 4) I think about your right eye ball 5) I think about how much you love fire I Love You Happy Fathers Day,...

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The Carroll Family Trail of Tears

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. After church yesterday Kellee had the fun memory making idea to go on a drive to Sand Creek. We rushed home, changed clothes, went potty, and headed off to grab lunch, and hit the road. I should have taken it as a bad sign when we got into a near marriage-ending fight over the Wendy’s not giving us enough straws (it is so fun what you fight about when you are married) we powered on in a made it to Sand Creek. A Beautiful Trail of Tears It was beautiful it...

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Phases of Summer

My Phases of Summer I would like to share with everyone the phases of summer at my house…. Phase 1- That first 10 days of summer so full of potential. I have a routine that lays out the plan for each day, I make vows like – Only 1 hour of screen time per day only after an hour of reading! I think this summer we are really going to bond as a family and the kids are going to build a stronger sibling bond that will carry them on for years after I am dead. We will work on...

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