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Author: fourandnomore

Travel Tips and Tricks

Traveling can be stressful, traveling with children can be awful. Here are a few tips and tricks I have picked up over the years. 1) Fighting with you spouse will help pass the time during a long drive 2) When you can’t tell right from left it’s not a good idea to try to help you spouse read the GPS to find the exit during rush hour traffic 3) Agonize for hours over sleeping arrangements and then throw them all away and spend hours playing musical beds 4) Put all of the shoes in one location in the hotel...

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“Mom! Mom!!! I drew your mouth to look like a penis”

The infamous “Mothers Day Portrait” …… “Mom! Mom!!! I drew your mouth to look like a penis” she announced in front of everyone.  I wanted to share the infamous “Mothers Day Portrait” by my very own Isabella Carroll. Many of you have heard this story and few have seen the picture and I hope that all will enjoy me recounting one of the most humiliating moments of my life. It was around Mother’s Day 2008. Bella was in preschool at Heritage Christian School and I was invited to join her class for a “Mommy and Me Tea”. Running late...

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Summertime Tipi Delusion

Delusions of Family Fun! So I was thinking about summer and how I should try to be cheerful and outdoorsy so I began searching cabins to rent the I found this a Tipi that we could stay in near Devils Tower. I began having romanticized delusions of singing songs around the campfire, stargazing and all the Little House on the Prairie nostalgia my little heart could muster. I was being completely ridiculous thinking of getting us all matching long johns and wool sock and cooking on cast iron skillets over the open fire with wood the boys gathered, I...

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We Fought About Toilet Paper

A Pleasant Sunday Afternoon We got in a huge fight. Like silent treatment, a low blow, anger and sadness fight over toilet paper. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon. We had gotten home from church where Pastor preached about the Good Samaritan. We had a great lunch before going to the movie with my parents. Afterward, we had to go to Wal-Mart to pick up a pool filter and all should have been well. Deal of the Century On the way there I was looking at my phone as Kellee was driving and saw someone in a local coupon group...

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