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Getting Started with IFTTT

IFTTT – Simple Automation for Everyone IF This Then That I love IFTTT. I have since the beginning when this weird little app popped up as a suggestion in the App Store. With a title like IFTTT I ignored it for a while. Finally curiosity got the best of me. I opened it up, read the description, and never looked back. IFTTT or IF is like a simple, easy to use, scripting application minus the scripting and Boolean logic. You can automate so many different applications and actions it is awesome. Nothing sucks more than entering data twice because two apps wont play nice. IFTTT can usually fix this. After installation and account creation I would start with the recipe lists. Once inside you are plunged into a world of things you wanted to automate that you never thought you needed to. Recipes It’s best to start with Browse Recipes. From there you can find a list of Recipes people have already created, and come up with some ideas of your own. You can automate almost anything and it integrates with many apps and devices. Some of the featured Recipes: There are thousands more and even those can be customized. There are Recipes to automate your home, car, email, location based services, it goes on and on. If you need to automate any part of your digital life I...

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Google Photos – Photo Backup

Which Service to Choose In the world of mobile photo back up it can be confusing. Which one do you go with. It feels like a commitment either way. All your pictures will be in one place and moving them in the future seems daunting. Everyone seems to have one; OneDrive, Google Plus, Flickr, PhotoBucket, iCloud, Dropbox, and many more. I have tried most of them except for PhotoBucket (I just didn’t see the need). While they all do the job and get your photos backed up, Google Photos has become my new favorite. Beyond Backup Not only will...

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Fallout Shelter Walk Through

Fallout Shelter – Fun and Addictive with a Little Bit of Strategy Back to the Wasteland Fallout Shelter is an IOS game from Bethesda. If you are familiar with the Fallout games then you can guess what this is about. If not it takes place after a nuclear war has taken place and wiped out everything. All civilization is gone as we know it. Humanity for the most part has gone underground surviving in shelters called Vaults. This is where you come in. You are The Overseer. You are in charge of building your vault, adding rooms, gathering resources, and managing your Vault Dwellers. Vault Dwellers Vault Dwellers in Fallout Shelter come from two sources. People coming in from the Wasteland and babies born inside the Vault. Initially many dwellers come from the Wasteland. This shortly tapers off. Once this happens you have to get your Vault Dwellers to make more Vault Dwellers. You accomplish by placing a male and a female Vault Dweller in one of your living quarters which you built earlier. If everything goes right, and the Dwellers you have selected are not related, you will get a Pregnant Dweller. After a few hours you end up with a baby which you can rename if you don’t care for the one randomly selected. Resources The Vault requires resources to run. Water, Food, and Power. The game...

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Why I Still Love the iPhone 5s

An Ode to the iPhone 5s Let’s face it, iPhone 6 is faster, sleeker, and the bigger screen is great! Then why is it when I look at my iPhone 5s just sitting in storage I feel sad and long for the days when it was my faithful companion? I think the answer is in all of the things I love about my iPhone 6. The screen is larger but that means that using is more of a commitment. The keyboard is wider and therefore it’s more of a reach to type or access menus which are predominantly in the upper left corner. One handed mode helps, if you remember to use it. Next would be the overall roundness of the iPhone 6. The iPhone 5s had square edges with a small bevel. To me the fact that the iPhone 5s was heavy for its size and had those corners gave an over all feeling of quality. I’m not saying the iPhone 6 is flimsy. I just loved the weight and the flat sides of the iPhone 5s. It felt solid in my hand. Now setting the aesthetics of the iPhone 5s aside, the little machine was a beast. It’s tiny compared to most androids of its time. But it just couldn’t be taken down. No lag, no issues with your apps opening up, no weird jitters. It just...

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Nest Cam

Nest Cam, Formerly Drop Cam I have been excited about the Nest products since the Nest Thermostat showed up on the scene a few years ago. They are bringing everyday products to the next level and using the “internet of things” to do so. Nest Cam looks to be a smart little wireless camera that can integrate with all sorts of smart products to keep your home and family safe. Buy Nest Cam How Can Nest Cam Help You? At my house we have an issue with kids thinking because Dad is away it’s now time for a snack. I then learn of the breach when my wife or I go to make a meal only to find that the product needed has been devoured behind our back with the empty container left for us to dispose of. Of course no one in the house has any idea what we are talking about, and I can’t prove who did it. Maybe the dog has learned how to open a jar. In either case a drop cam in the kitchen would solve this issue. It would eliminate the finger-pointing and let us have some long talks about honesty, and possibly some early bed times. If you are away and this were to happen the Nest Cam could alert you that someone was in the cupboards and then through the 2-way audio...

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Kindle Fire HD and Kids

  The Electronic Baby Sitter As a parent I think the greatest advancement man kind has made is the tablet. Now that may be BS, but when you need something for your kids to do so Mom and Dad can have some alone time, there is no greater tool to get this done. Nabi vs Kindle I have given many tablets to my kids. We started with the Nabi 2. This is was a good little tablet, but it had some weaknesses, which I will talk about later. We finally landed on the Kindle Fire HD. Fire HD 7, 7″ HD Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB – Includes Special Offers, Black Kindle Fire HD Issues and Benefits While the Kindle doesn’t come with the rubber bumper it is a pretty tough little device. Ours have been dropped, spilled on, kicked across the floor. It keeps on ticking. The one drawback I have found is the 4 Gigabyte model just doesn’t hold enough. An SD card would really help, but it doesn’t have one. It does have a micro USB charger. Which is great because finding a replacement cable is cheap and easy. It also has a kids mode. Getting this set up initially is kind of pain when you have to set up 4 of them on Christmas Eve, but once they are configured you are good to go. A...

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Spotify Overview

Spotify – My music streaming standby Let me first say I use . I have for years. I have the Spotify Premium account and originally purchased it for its “off-line” listening feature. It has been great. It always seems to have everything I need and it gets the job done. I was originally attracted to it because I don’t care to pay for music a song at a time. I don’t believe that is an affordable option. I could get approximately 8 songs a month for what I pay for my subscription from iTunes. For the same price I get thousands. Mobile App The Spotify mobile app is great. It does what I need it to do. It works well on both iPhone and Android. In the last year they have updated and refreshed the UI on mobile to make it look even cleaner. Social Aspects With Spotify you can see what your friends are listening to. They can see what you are listening to as well. Be sure to turn on the privacy mode if you don’t want your friends and followers to know all of your guilty pleasures. Music Quality I am no audiophile, however I have never noticed the quality issues that certain music streaming services have come out against Spotify with. I can’t tell if music as compressed or not. Maybe I’m missing something? I just...

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